Owning your own home can fill you with pride, and on a practical level, may mean significant tax savings, new financial opportunities, and even a reduction in what you pay for housing.  Is now the right time for you to become a homeowner?  Use the tools below to help you decide for yourself.

  • Rent versus own calculators to help with the financial questions.
  • "Tips for First Time Buyers" a check list.
  • "Why Rent When You Can Buy" - NAR* Brochure
  • Or Contact me for further questions.
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       Tips for First Time Buyers - a step by step guide for buying a home. Click here and the Tips will be emailed to you.
    Why Rent When You Can Buy - a brochure answering many questions about owning your own home. Click here to see sample.
       Why Rent When You Can Buy - Click here to to receive the brochure via US mail.

    * NAR - National Association of Realtors,